Flag Day Communications Drill

    On the Thursday nearest to Flag Day, which is always on June 14th, we have our Groups of 10 hold “Group of 10” parties at their Staging Areas, and we have the walkie- talkers radio in the number of families participating, just for practice. Some Groups have pot-luck dinners, and some just have ice cream sandwiches and talk. This helps us to keep alive the awareness of Groups of 10 and Staging Areas, and it gives us another chance to practice with our walkie-talkies.

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Annual Stake Communications Drill

    At the end of each October on the Saturday before Halloween, our Stake holds a HAM radio communications drill.  This is a chance for us have all our families practice some aspect of the Neighborhood Plan, having families send at least one person to their Staging Area to report or to turn something in to their Captain.  We then have our Walkie-Talkers radio in to Command Central how many families have participated from each Group of 10.  At Command Central we compile that information HAM radio it in to the Stake.

    Some of the things we have concentrated on for this drill include:

1)  challenging families in advance to have their 72-hr. kits built or updated by then and to show up with them at their Staging Areas to show us all;

2)  having families practice filling out the "Family Report to their Captain" form and delivering it to their Captain at their Staging Area;

* Doing two activities a year which involve families going to their Staging Areas and dealing with their Captains helps them to embed the Neighborhood Emergency Plan into their memories.

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