Communications Protocol for Pasco West 10th

1.    One main purpose of these w-t’s is to help you get the help you need for your Group of 10.  All 5 of our streets have either 2 or 3 w-t’s each, and all 13 of our w-t’s are on the same channel (14.10).  If you need help, please call for help first from other groups on your street. Any time you are unable to communicate with the w-t’s when critically needed, send runners instead.  If you cannot get the help you need from other groups on your own street, call in to Command Central (or send a runner if necessary).
2.    Our plan is for the Bishop to be at Command Central where he can collect information on the status of every family.  We don’t want to use the w-t’s to transmit this kind of detailed information, as that will jam the channels and keep us from using them for the main purpose of transmitting major information.  Use the report forms provided in this notebook to make status reports, and send the “Captain's Report to the Bishop” with a runner to Command Central to be given to the Bishop. (See below for explanation of various report forms.)

You have 2 kinds of forms in your NEST booklet and in this Neighborhood Emergency Notebook:

a) “Family's Report to their Captain” -- a more detailed form for the physical status of each person in your family.  On the back of this is a place to report the physical status of your house.
b) “Captain's Report to the Bishop” -- a form for compiling and summarizing the status of all people withing the Group of 10.  Everyone has this form because anyone might be acting as the Captain at the time of a disaster.

The Captain or acting Captain has someone compile all the Family Reports onto a the Captain's Report to the Bishop.  They should make 2 copies of this.  One to keep in the group along with all the Family Reports, and one to actually send by runner to the Bishop at Command Central as soon as it is reasonably complete.

Although we don’t want to jam the airways with detailed report information, of course, the
w-t’s are to be used whenever common sense dictates.

Neighborhood Emergency Notebook Table of Contents