1.  One lap around the house: when is it OK to enter? where?

2.  Turning off utilities: TAG the gas meter with info about all 3 utilities.

3.  Feel the door for heat. MARK the door with half an X upon entrance.

4.  Enter and shout: take walking wounded to the staging area (or have them taken there)

5.  Stay together with a minimum of 2 rescuers. If 4, 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs.

6.  Search right to left (counter-clockwise).
7.  Perform the ABC’s on everyone as you search:  Airway, Bleeding,  and Shock (C = circulation, i.e.)    
     Deal with those 3 things immediately on the spot.

8.  Regroup with all rescuers in the house and decide WHO/WHAT/WHEN.

9.  Go back according to your decisions and do head-to-toe evaluations on everyone,
     treating whatever is essential for victim safety and removal:
     TRIAGE, LABEL, TREAT, REMOVE (if best).

     *If you are having to deal with something that is over your head, consult with other group members
     and if necessary call in to Command Central to see if they can send in more professional help or to
     see what resources are available.


11.  Mark the other half of the X on the door on the way out. A square around the X means “unsafe to enter”.

What injuries might you find? Are they immediate or delayed? What treatment is essential inside the house?

Rescuer care:
1.  rotate down gradually
2.  Rest
3.  Eat
4.  Watch your partner and other rescuers for signs of emotional and psychological trauma and fatigue.