Pasco West 10th Neighborhood
Emergency Notebook

       It is great to live in this wonderful neighborhood where everyone knows and loves each other so much! It’s also nice that we’re organized and have a neighborhood emergency plan. But the plan won’t be effective unless everyone knows what it is and is working together in a coordinated effort. This notebook is made to help you know how to handle different kinds of emergencies and how and when we plan to work together as a neighborhood organization.

       We know that you won’t remember all the information in this notebook, thus we’re making it and putting tabs in it, so that you can find critical info immediately when needed. Some things are best cared for in advance (like having your food storage and having a room picked out for “in-place sheltering”), so it’s good to work through this notebook in advance, do what you need to do in advance, and then place this notebook where you can grab it quickly when something happens and flip to the information you need at the time.

       Besides working through this notebook with yourself and your family, we hope you will take advantage of the fact that you belong to a Group of 10 who will be the ones to help you in a general crisis. Now, while we still have peace here at home, we have time to meet together and work together to accomplish all that we will later wish we had done. You and and the other families in your Group of 10 can work gradually through the sections of this notebook to make sure everyone understands them and that you have done all you can to help each other be ready for what might come.

       In case you didn’t know, our neighborhood is a model neighborhood for what is called the “3 Steps” plan. People write and call us from all over the world to order information about what we are doing. Someone from Istanbul, Turkey wrote to us that our plan is the best they’ve ever seen. A big part of why this plan has worked in our neighborhood for so long is that you are such loving, wonderful, and caring neighbors.

The “3 Steps” are:

    1)  Define and organize your neighborhood into Groups of about 10 families each with captains & staging areas.
    2)  Help each other get prepared through classes, group projects, and group buys.
    3)  Help large numbers of neighbors receive CERT / NEST training.

Thanks to you all for making our neighborhood such a wonderful place to live.