What is My Neighborhood?

Step 1 is "Define and organize your neighborhood into small groups of about 10 families each."  Before you can organize things, you have to choose what you want to call your "neighborhood".  This is the group of people that you are going to do the 3 Steps program with.

Typically, neighborhoods have been an area where you live which is more of a section of your town or city.  If you are ambitious enough to do a neighborhood like this, it's great.  But actually, you don't have to choose a group that large in order to do the 3 Steps plan.

The wonderful thing is that YOU get choose what you want to call your neighborhood.  You can choose a neighborhood that consists of 3 other apartments of people on the same floor of your apartment building plus your Aunt Lucille and your nephew Thomas, who both live across town and away from you several miles.

The important thing is that you choose a group that you want to work with, hopefully with at least some of the people living near you geographically.  As you do this, you will probably find that others will want to join you, because they will want to be part of the wonderful thing you are doing to help each other.  People like to "belong", and everyone wants to feel safe and be safe.  This is going to help them do all three.

Here are some examples of what someone could choose as their "neighborhood" for doing the 3 Steps plan.  These aren't the only ideas, though.  The sky's the limit, and if YOU are the person starting it, YOU get to decide!

1)  a street in the suburbs with 26 homes on it

2)  a subdivision in the suburbs with 120 homes in it

3)  the floor of an apartment building

4)  an entire apartment building

5)  eight apartment buildings in an apartment complex

6)  a small town

7)  a retirement community

8)  some miscellaneous friends who live more or less in the vicinity of each other

The important thing is that you are choosing a group of people that you are going help to help each other.

Having chosen your neighborhood, you are now ready to actually do Step 1.  Click to read:  "How can I start this program in my own neighborhood?"