Neighbors Uniting Neighbors is a grassroots organization that joins with and supports other grassroots organizations in the implementation of the 3 Steps plan.  In the beginning, the 3 Steps plan was an offering of Neighbors Uniting Provo, in Provo, Utah; but as interest in the 3 Steps plan has spread, and Neighbors Uniting groups have developed in many cities, Neighbors Uniting Neighbors was created to help all these various groups join their efforts together.

    Occasionally Neighbors Uniting Neighbors participates in and supports activities which reach beyond the scope of emergency preparedness.  Because 3 Steps is based around emergency preparedness, you might wonder what the point is of some of these additional activities.  Step 1 of 3 Steps is to organize neighborhoods into small, geographical groups.  Activities such as our annual Flag Day Celebration, part of Utah's Freedom Festival, with a wonderful television presentation, neighborhood parties, and a communications drill, all build cohesiveness and community within our Groups of 10.  They help us to remember what a blessing it is to live in this country and that we must do something to safeguard our freedoms here.  Through all of our activities we are tying our Groups closer together and tying all of our communities together in a common cause of helping each other and of taking on the responsibility of our own safety.  Everything we can do together to strengthen our Groups of 10 will increase our level of preparedness.  So will everything we can do to strengthen our community.

    We are thrilled to be partners with Neighbors Uniting Provo, the original sponsor of 3 Steps, with Neighbors Uniting Orem, and with Neighbors Uniting each of our cities as our efforts to be prepared add to their efforts to unite, preserve, and renew our communities.

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