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•Emergency Essentials:   Emergency Essentials goals:  "To help people prepare.  To serve our customers, fellow employees, business associates, etc. in exactly the same way we would want to be served. To use the resources that we have been given to serve, build, and inspire our community.  We have a great group specials program.  Call Nathan @ 801-222-9667 for information.  Come and see our new store at 216 E. University Parkway in Orem, Utah."

•Reddy or not .com:

•  LDS Church preparedness website

•Provident Living Center:

•FoodSource Direct:  FoodSource Direct is an innovative company that specializes in basic foods for daily use, food storage, emergency preparedness, and bulk foods. They deliver your personal or group/neighborhood order to you through a certified distributor in your neighborhood. Their distributors work with cities, groups, and individuals to provide nutritional, high quality food and non-food items.

•Out 'N Back: great to work with for group buy specials.  Call them in Orem, Utah if you live locally (801-224-0454) and ask for Keith.

•An excellent book on how to store food and cook with simple food storage is:
Emergency Food in a Nutshell by Leslie Probert and Lisa Harkness.  It sells throughout the western states through Deseret Book Store, or you can order it directly by writing to Purely Simple Publishing, P.O. Box 971231, Orem, UT 84097-1231.


•Industrial Container:  This is a great company for containers of all types, including 4-6 gallon buckets with lids, water barrels, and siphon pumps.  They are located in SLC, UT and will deliver locally, or you can pick up at will call, or they can ship to you anywhere.  Large quantity orders are discounted.  Call them at 1-801-972-1561, or visit their website.

•Walton Feed:  is a company located in Idaho which ships food and other goods in packaged in many different ways:  25-100 lb. bags, nitrogen packed 6-gal. buckets, 6 gal. superpails, and #10 cans.  Groups can receive discounts.  Check their website, or call 1-800-847-0465.

•Smithfield Implement:  This is an Ace Hardware store founded in 1914 in Smithfield, UT, 6 miles north of Logan.  They are wonderful at working with groups and giving great discounts on Dutch ovens and associated paraphanalia, as well as on all other hardware supplies.  Call 1-435-563-3211 and ask for the manager, Ralph.

•General Army Navy:  This is a great store for many survival goods, including wool blankets.  It's located at 4974 S. Redwood Rd, SLC, UT.  Call 1-801-966-5556 and ask for Kevin.

(The merchants listed above are known to be merchants of emergency preparedness goods.  We list them as a courtesy but are not endorsing or recommending their products.)

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